How We Succeed

Green Life Carpet Cleaning has a focus of providing an outstanding service in the carpet cleaning and cleaning service industry. We are dedicated to eliminating the issues currently seen within these industries and will do so using environmentally sustainable products and processes. Our dedication to staying Green and caring for the environment is the foundation of our growth and success.

Starting your own Green Life location provides you the tools and ability to not only profit from providing a superior service, but to actually make a difference in your impact on this earth. We believe that there is a “right” and “wrong” method to cleaning carpets, and the exciting part is that the Green Life is not only safe for Pets and Children, but it actually cleans and looks better. Using this technological advantage as our resource, the competition becomes much less daunting, and our cleans tend to stand out more and become recognizable. When a client knows it was a “Green Life” clean because of the quality and appearance of the clean, this is when the competition is in your rear view mirror.

Ensuring that you clients’ needs are met, along with the keeping the vision of location expansion is what we want your goal to be as a Green Life franchise owner. Tools in the office from our Call Center, Invoicing System, Franchise Portal and outstanding Sales Support will assist you in becoming a top Green Life franchisee.