Franchise Opportunity


Our focus on staying Green and safe for all of our clients and the environment has become the core of our success. We don’t only claim to be green, but we live it. From the recycling of our product containers to the products and practices we use to clean carpet and upholstery. Keeping our clients homes and offices clean, not only means clean of dirt and grime, but also clean of harmful chemicals and cleaning agents. Doing business under the Green Life name says it all.


Our in house Call Center consists of representatives that have been thoroughly trained to know Green Life’s cleaning process and pricing structures. We also have the capability of ensuring all calls are answered 24 hours a day and on weekends. This means you have more time to focus on your existing accounts and expansion of your territory, and you can leave it to us to schedule the appointments.


The more work you do, the more you need to get paid, it’s a simple law of business. For the clients you have that are invoiced, Green Life takes care of this often daunting and tedious task of emailing and mailing out invoices. We have an excellent system that ensures your clients are receiving invoices on a weekly basis so the money from your work starts flowing in.


Green Life has a one stop shop for all of your locations’ needs. This is an outstanding Franchisee Portal we call “The Green Zone” . The Green Zone consists of a Calendar System that is directly linked to the Call Center; a real time Statistics and Reports Section to track everything from revenues and accounts to marketing effectiveness; a shopping area for all of you Green Life products, marketing supplies, and clothing; customer and vendor contact lists and several other items. This is a simple and super user friendly area that brings all of your needs into one place.


Assisting you to expand your franchises’ location and ensuring a consistent revenue stream is something the representatives at Green life take very seriously. Continual support from the corporate office will ensure that you always have consistent support and training when you are out in the field. We offer options such as executive visits to your location to assist in sales and production, outbound account prospecting from our Call Center, and consistent product and customer service/sales training.