About Green Life

There have been great strides made in the carpet cleaning industry and now there is a carpet cleaning method that is safe for children, pets and the environment. Green Life Carpet Cleaning has a method of carpet cleaning which is eco-friend by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and using 95% less water which allows your carpets to dry instantly. In order to expand, Green Life Carpet Cleaning has launched a franchise program so that others will have the opportunity to provide this eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis began operations In the St. Louis metropolitan area. Its mission was to provide an outstanding carpet cleaning service to residents and commercial clients with a dedication to use products and methods that are friendly not only for the environment, but also for children and animals. In just 4 years Green Life of St Louis has progressed to work as the primary cleaner for a number of apartment complexes and has a large number of residential customers who have been very satisfied with the services provided.

“We created Green Life with a vision not only to outclass our competition by using our advanced technology and customer service platform, but also by holding ourselves fully responsible for what we leave behind after we are in a home or business,” says Eric Vavere, President and Founder of Green Life Carpet Cleaning. Vavere developed the concept in 2009, and with the help of Luke Elder, Green Life’s Chief Operations Officer, they have consistently expanded their client base in St. Louis. “We noticed several issues within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. Problems from heavy chemical usage, over wetting, returning of stains, and simply the use of older cleaning methods that stem from technology created over 30 years ago,” says Elder. “Our clients were noticing these problems too, but at that time there was really no alternative to the standard cleaning companies.” Green Life has overcome these issues by using a process that doesn’t over wet the carpet and actually cleans down to the base of the carpet pile and extracts all of the dirt and grime instead of pushing it downward. They use this advanced cleaning process paired with separate Emergency Water Removal equipment that provides response to floods and water damage.

Green Life has now expanded its operations and is currently looking for franchise candidates in Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City, MO, and additional cities in the Midwest. “Our backend platform is outstanding, we provide full training and support from our corporate team, 24 hour call center operations, calendar/invoicing, and a customer and data tracking system that is really a one stop shop for our franchisees needs,” says Vavere. “This gives the owner a focus on providing the best service possible with the primary goal of expanding their territory and revenue, and all of the paperwork and phone calls are handled by our team.”