Water Removal Services

24 Hour Water Extraction

When the Green Life platform was being created, the ultimate goal was to create a system that really compared to no other carpet cleaning and extraction platform in the service market today. Offering a cleaning system that uses 95% less water than standard cleaning systems paired with full truck mount water extraction capabilities is a true recipe for success, and a pairing that is very rarely seen in the market today. This fully differentiates any Green Life location from the competition, meaning when you are contacting new clientele, you can be sure that you have an edge and are bringing something different and better to the table, and can still handle any emergency problems that may arise. The Green Life locations that choose to take their location to the next level and offer 24 Water Extraction will typically see an immediate increase in revenue. Green Life’s Water Extraction Platform allows any location to handle the large water and flood problems a resident and commercial client may face.

“We wanted to make sure our company could handle any issues that our clients have at anytime, and our flood response capabilities were really the answer to this”. Says Luke Elder, Green Life’s Chief Operations Officer. “Also when we follow up a water extraction with our unique cleaning process, it really can’t be beat.”

A Green Life location can effectively operate without the Water Extraction platform, however it usually becomes a request from commercial properties and then almost a necessity to add.