Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery/Furniture Cleaning

Green Life Carpet Cleaning uses a simple and extremely effective method to clean upholstered furniture.
We use a process that leaves your furniture dry in about one hour. This means in many cases the furniture
is ready for use immediately when the technician leaves the client’s home.

Advanced Technology

Green Life's process incorporates the revolutionary
technology that has made our carpet cleaning so
effective. The formula that is used to clean your
furniture emulsifies and then engulfs the dirt and
grime. During this process, Green Life's cleaning
solution is used as a powerful cleaning tool to
remove all of the soil from the furniture fibers and
prepare them for extraction. We then remove all of
the segregated dirt by the use of our powerful
extraction system, leaving the furniture fully
cleansed and refreshed.

95% Less Water

Green Life's cleaning system uses 95% less water than traditional upholstery cleaning methods, which in
many cases leaves the furniture wet for days. Green Life's process, using low moisture, and the correct
amount of cleaning bubbles, will fully clean the furniture while allowing an extremely fast dry time.

Keeping it Green

Maintaining our focus of staying Green, our formula is 100% biodegradable and non toxic. We understand
the importance of keeping upholstery clean of dangerous chemicals and cleaning agents. The ease of use
of this upholstery cleaning process, combined with the extremely effective process means another leading
edge that Green Life business owners have over the competition.