Carpet Cleaning Technology

The carpet cleaning industry has been plagued by many issues for several years. Problems from the use of heavy water which results in over wetting and mildew/mold issues, which also leads to wicking, which is the returning of visible stains days to weeks after the carpet has been cleaned. To help counteract this use of heavy water, many carpet cleaning companies have turned to using heavy chemicals to help remove stains, this of course has several underlying short and long term negative effects not only to the carpet but most importantly the people that travel on it every day.

Green Life has focused on these issues and developed a cleaning system that counteracts all of them, and provides each franchise owner the benefit of a cleaning system that is easy to use, compact, and extremely effective . “Our goal is to give each of our franchisees 100% confidence in the process equipment they are using, and this gives them complete edge over the competition” says Luke Elder, Chief Operations Officer. “We consider ourselves the diamond in the rough. When approaching new accounts we always welcome competition in knowing that 95% of the companies out there are using the same age old technology with the same after effects, and there really is such a difference in the look and quality of our cleans that our clients can completely recognize a Green Life clean compared to the rest.”

Green Life’s carpet cleaning system is an extremely portable system that uses 95% less water than standard carpet cleaning systems. This gives the options to work out of smaller vehicles and reach areas such as high rise office and apartment buildings that most companies would not be able to clean properly. Also in keeping our Green focus we are using far less water that most companies, and we pair that with our cleaning products that are safe for children and pets, and adults too of course. This also gives the clients the ability to travel on the carpet immediately after a clean. The carpet is dry and there is no residue to attract more soil, the carpet is actually fully cleaned! The full cleaning package, from the machines to the product and the process allows us to move in and out of cleans promptly and cleanly and move to the next job. Green Life really has discovered the next generation of carpet cleaning.